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      美國留學 托福獨立口語精選話題范文

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        I enjoy listening to jazz. It is nice and easy to listen to. When you pour yourself a cup of tea in a cozy afternoon and sit in front of the table with a book open, jazz is exactly the kind of music you should be looking for. It tastes good along with the sunshine. All the pressures and troubles seem to disappear after a dose of it. Works are better than drugs. I especially love a Chinese jazz musician called Wang Ruolin. Her version of the jazz is particularly relaxing for me and it is her who makes me fall in love with this type of music. (107 words)


        eat healthy and exercise. When I am not busy, I’d go online and check out healthy diet. The information on the internet helps me understand the body and nutrition better and it is really helpful for me to choose and prepare healthy food. What’s more, sports are another way for me to stay robust. I swim and run in my spare time and do pushups and situps to keep healthy and strong. Occasionally, I will play basketball with my friends and classmates. Games make you forget about time and you don’t feel exhausted when you play for a long time. It is kind of exciting to do so.(109 words)


        For me I think it is the history. For I am a Chinese and we have so long of it. There simply is too much to remember. And the years, the names, the places, the events all became tangled up once you learn beyond 3 or 4 dynasties and I don’t even remember we have how many of them. But I still think it important because what is going on in this country still bear traces from the past with or without our notice, although we’d like to say that we live in a new China. And I think learning history is a great way to understand this country that I am born into. (114 words)


        The Children Problem

        Children are said to be “flowers of our Motherland”. In our country, children are taking very good care of. Special laws have been issued to protect children. Thousands of schools have been set up to make education available to all children. The party and the government pay due attention to the growth of children because they represent our bright future.美國留學

        Nowadays, the“one child per family” policy had been practiced all over the country. So far the policy has been showing positive effects. For example, parents have more time and energy to look after their children, and as a result, children become healthier and more intelligent. However, the“one child per family” policy also has some side-effects. For instance, a number of parents have gone too far in raising their children. They try to satisfy every demand of their spoiled kids, thus turning them into“flowers in the nursery” that cannot bear any hardship or difficulty.

        It is time we should discuss and study the problem of education children. (169 words)



      美國留學中介咨詢熱線:010-67084068 / 67084031

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